Covington Baptist Association
Thursday, September 20, 2018

January 2012 update

Dear brothers, here it is more information about ministry in church in Kuznetsovsk.
It is about rehabilitation center and children ministry.
We have many blessings and difficulties in our rehabilitation center for drug and alcohol addicted people. God brought new people. We have
10 people in center, who go through rehabilitation process. We are praying and God cares, He provides everything we need to keep these people. We started fasting for repentance of these people (according Mark 9:29). And people who were not able to repent now they opened their hearts and they confess their sins and get deliverance. As we were praying, we would like people who accepted Christ became not visitors in church, but we would like them to be ministers. Besides reading and meditating on God’s Word we study course “Basics of Christian life”. And for now all who are after rehabilitation participated in church ministries, mainly in helping addicted people to come to Christ. Because they know how to be addicted and their life is as example of God’s almighty.
Our ministry for children keeps developing as well. It is consists of:
Sunday school, ministry for teenagers and ministry for orphans. In Sunday school we have 4 groups and 60 children different age. Many of them are from nonbelievers families, so we try to share Christian values with them. We are studying Bible, developing relationships and helping for poor children, we praying and inviting their parents visit services.
Ministry for teenagers: it is fellowship at apartment. 16 teenagers attended this group. They are under 17 years old. We have tea time and we discussing different topics and what Bible says about that. And it is time for questions and answers. It is also singing songs, prayers. One brother, who responsible for this ministry conducting lessons one time per week by course “Basics of Christian life”. Also they have sport time in rented gymnasium. And we are inviting new teenagers to join our fellowships.
After camp three teenagers repented and accepted Christ. They have opportunities to participate in different ministries, such as drama, music, Sunday school, serving orphans.
For orphans we would like to conduct several outreach events during Christmas time. Such as performance, puppet show, giving gifts, and making new relationships and developing till they will accept Christ.
So, please, be with us in prayer for these kinds of ministry too.
Thank you very much.
Be richly blessed!