Covington Baptist Association
Thursday, September 20, 2018

July 2011 update

Report about ministry in Kuznetsovsk town, second quarter 2011
We thank God for His grace and for the opportunity to work for His glory.
With God help we have had several evangelical events in our town. We visited rehabilitation center for disabled children on Easter time. There were 25 children and their parents.
On June, 1 we have in Ukraine day of protecting children. We were participating in event for helping orphans. We invite these children to church and have fellowship with them.
We are keeping growing spiritually. We wish to be more united and be ready to accept new people to church.
We keep studying. My main goal is to bring up and train new church leaders and ministers.
My wife Viktoria is keep teaching sister courses. She is leading prayer group and fellowship with sisters.
Now we are preparing children camp. Please pray for our camp, for children and their parents.
We trust God will keep His work in our town, using our congregation and all our partners.
We thanks for your prayers and care.   
With love in Christ,
Oleksandr Dukanov,
Kuznetsovsk town, Rivne area, Ukraine