Covington Baptist Association
Thursday, September 20, 2018

July 2011 Sasha Gavryljuk update

Dear brothers and sisters,
I am sending you heartfelt greetings. I would like to express my gratitude for your support of my ministry in Rivne town in church “Ressurection”. As a result of your prayers and support we have got a lot of God’s blessings. I wish to share with you some of them.
As I was written before, we have two main principles in our church: each member should be disciple and evangelist.
We have had such events in our church life for last three months.
Ion January 7, 8 we have had Christmas outreach services in our church. Two day before we were singing Christmas songs near supermarkets in our district and inviting people to visit our church. We touched their hearts and many people came to our church. Praise Lord!
On February, 20 we have had Father’s day. We invited men whose children attended Sunday school but these men are not believers yet. And we invited new families. Month before we were working at local school “Harmony”. We were talking to children about relationships I family, attitudes parents to children. Day before we organized competitions for pupils and their fathers. That was marvelous time. As a result we have new people in church and new children in Sunday school.
Small Bible study and evangelical groups for nonbelievers are still functioning. We have two benefits. Many people reading Bible (for some of them it is first time) and that changing their lives. Second is that we have good opportunity to build friendly relationships. I am personally lead one group. Year before one family came to my group. They were very close to divorce. They told that this fellowship is like last chance to save family. Two months ago they repented. It was special event, when they were praying. Today God healed their relationships.
We have 5 evangelical groups in our church and 4 groups of discipleships. Over 60 people attended. We finishing letter of Jacob.
One more good news is - that we started preparing meetings for baptizing. Over 20 people attended such meetings. I hope everybody will be ready to be baptized this coming summer.
Please, keep praying for my ministry, my family, about new believers and for preparations to our church camp on July, 24-30.
Thank God and you very much.
Let God richly bless you and you church and ministry!
With love in Christ,
Oleksandr Gavrelyuk