Covington Baptist Association
Thursday, September 20, 2018

April 2011





Dear borthers, here it is next report...
We thank God for you and opportunity to have such blessed cooperation with Alabama. This is really great support for our Rivne Baptist churches union.
Praise Lord we have the opportunity to share with you our church life (Kuznetsovsk town). With God’s help we trying to reach goals we set in congregation.
We have had several outreach events in our church hall during this quarter. We keep conducting Bible training for new believers in small home groups.
We put accent on spiritual growing of each church member, n their dedication and responsibility. We started sessions not for leaders only, but for members, who wish to begin their ministry.
We started conducting special seminars for all who attended church. Last topic was “Main purpose of Jesus Christ’ church”.
This year three new brothers started preaching in church.
We have had 40-days fast. We organized chain – two people each day. We were asking God for awakening in our town, solidarity and spiritual growing in congregation.
We care about ten addicted persons at our rehabilitation center.
We hope God will keep working in our town through our church to fulfill His will, His great commission.  We keep praying for our town.
Join us in prayer, please.
Thank you for everything you doing for our church and ministry in Ukraine.