Covington Baptist Association
Thursday, September 20, 2018

April 2011

Dear brothers, Wendell, Shannon,
We thank God for you and that you are with us in ministry in Rivne region.
We wish you richly God's blessings.
this is next report.
- Our church keep conducting children club “Future of Ukraine”. After Christmas holidays we have more kids in club. And children like workshops in club very much. Thanks for your prayers; we have bought part of necessary equipment for playing hockey on grass.
- We keep conducting meetings in small group for families and in small evangelical group for youth.
- Praise Lord, some nonbelievers joined us on Christmas outreach service.
- Each month we have some outreach event for children or adults. In January we were at school and were teaching Bible lesson.
- in February, we have had children’ holiday for children from poor families. Some of them joined to club.
- We have had event “Present”. We invited children from unhappy families and their parents for fellowship. We gave presents for kids and had fellowship with parents.
 Prayer needs:
-         Keep praying for God lead us in outreach ministry; we would like to have 2-3 event s in April for children and unhappy families;
-         Please, pray for summer evens for children, teenagers, youth and adults;
-         In May I am graduating Talbot School ?f Theology and wish to go to graduating ceremony in La Mirada, ?California.
I would like to thank everybody for your prayers and your financial aid. Your prayers are great blessing for me, my family and ministry in this small town Zdolbuniv.
With love in Christ,
Sergey Morohovsky