Covington Baptist Association
Thursday, September 20, 2018

January 2011 Sasha Gavryljuk update

Peace will be on to you, dear brothers and sisters!
Thank you very much for keep praying for our ministry and keep supporting our ministry in Rivne town. I wish to share God’s blessings and some fruits we have in our common work for God’s kingdom.         
As Christ was teaching, we decided in our church to make accent on two main kinds of ministry: outreach ministry and discipleship. 
So, let me share few words about outreach ministry. We have 5 small Bible study home groups for nonbelievers. Near 15 people attended each group. Small home groups are very powerful method to reach people’s hearts, build relationships with them and invite them to church.
We decided to conduct special outreach service one time per month. We have had three already: on October 17 – “Thanksgiving day”, on November 14 - “Day of Bible” and on January 7 “Christmas”. It was special time when God powerfully touched people’s hearts. Over 200 people were visited our church on such special events. It is two times more then we have on Sunday service.
Such activity we have inside church. But we have opportunity to share Gospel with pupils in school, which is not far from place, where we have services. Each day, five times per week, we meet with pupils of 5, 6, 7 and 8 grades and teaching them special lessons about drugs, alcohol, AIDS, etc. such method is to prevent many social problems we have in society and invite them to Sunday school and to church. Some of pupils started attend Sunday school. Please, pray with us for them and their parents.
About discipleship: we have 4 small groups, where study all church members and people, who repented. It is over 60 people. One time per week, on Thursday, we have lessons. Now we study book of James. It is incredible to see how God acting in people’s life, how they changed. Some of church members opened their spiritual gifts. We are praying for new groups for nonbelievers.
Prayer needs:
Please, pray for next special outreach services: on February, 20 “Father’s day”, on April 24 “Easter”, on May 15 “Mother’s day”, on June 12 “Trinity day”, August 28 “Family’s day”. Pray for many people will be able to come and hear God’s word.
Pray for new small groups for nonbelievers.
Pray for me and my family, about church “Voskresinnia”, for nonbelievers we working with, for new preaching, for God’s vision for church and for me personally.
Thank God and you very much.
With love in Christ,
Pastor Sasha Gavrelyuk