Covington Baptist Association
Thursday, September 20, 2018

January 2011 Alexander Dukanov update




We thank God for partners we have in our ministry on God’s field in Rivne area. You are large part of our common ministry. We appreciate everything you doing for us.
God keeps blessing our church. He continue His work in people' hearts. Praise Lord!
Our priority is training spiritually strong and dedicated leaders – Christ’s disciples. And God is adding new people to our church. 
We started bible course “Discover God” with group of 10 brothers. This is good lessons for personal spiritual growing and how to know God deeper and built strong relationships with God, how discover His will for life.
After conference we have had in Rivne about small bible study groups, I started small group in my house. Several men attended meetings, they wish to study Scripture and one is already repented.
My wife keep teach bible courses for women.
All members of our congregation were involved in conducting Christmas outreach event for orphans from our region in local orphanage. We invited puppet theatre, prepared holiday concert and gifts for 80 children.
We are praying for Christmas outreach event for people who live in our town. We wish they will come and hear God’s word.
We keep praying for God’s vision for our church’ activity, for Christian relationships between members, and for spiritual growing for each church member.
We thank you for your prayer support and we keep praying for you too.