Covington Baptist Association
Thursday, September 20, 2018

January 2011 Sergey Morohovsky Update





Church "Transfiguration" (town Zdolbuniv-2)

·        We have started children Christian club “Future of Ukraine”. Near 20 kids attended meetings in club. More than half of them are from nonbelievers’ families. They have Bible lessons and different workshops. We wish to start section Field Hockey. We have person, who can teach children play hockey. One point we need is finances to buy equipment.

·        From October we have home group for families. 3-4 couples attended meetings regularly. But we have another 3 couples in church. Please, pray with us for they will start attended our meetings. They have a lot of problems.

·        We have had outreach service on Thanksgiving Day. More then 10 nonbelievers were present at service. Praise Lord!

·        I am happy, that we have youth Bible study group. They meet regularly and study Bible.

·        We would like to conduct several outreach events on Christmas for children and adults. We wish to invite children from pure families and separately from unhappy families. Please, pray about these people.


Prayer needs:

·        Please, pray about my personal spiritual growing;

·        Please, pray for right outreach direction for our church;

·        Please, pray for new Bible study group for nonbelievers’ families.