Covington Baptist Association
Thursday, September 20, 2018

October 2010 Sasha Gavryljuk update

Greetings to you, dear brothers and sisters!
Thank you very much for all you prayers and support for my ministry in Rivne town, Ukraine. For last several months we have had some events in our church life. These God’ blessings are result of your prayers and support.
We have had church week long outreach camp. God blessed our camp richly! There were 135 campers. 60% of them are nonbelievers. This was step of faith for us. Because we have had no enough funds for such number of people and there were no so many places on base building. We have had wonderful sport program, bible lessons from book of Jonah - one chapter per day. Interesting fact, when was free time for people, they prefer to learn Bible, not go playing sport games. Two people accepted Christ as their Savior. Praise Lord! One person, she is teacher; she was first time at such camp. Now she is regularly attending services and Bible study small group. 80% of nonbelievers, who were in camp, now regularly attended services. Some of them are already repented and wish to be baptized. Summer camp is one of effective method how to reach people for Christ. So, we started praying for people and resources for next camp. Dates we plan are from 26 till 30 of July 2011. Please, put this need to your prayer list.
One more important event is baptizing day. On July, 30 twelve people were baptized. They were at such camp last summer. Now they are church members. For their relatives and friends it was first time at such church event. Six of these twelve are ex-drug addicted people. Now their lives are totally changed. Now there are 44 members in our church and near 120 people attended services each Sunday.
Month ago we have had 3-days long fellowship for our church leaders. 15 leaders were praying, analyzing last year, and planning next year.
Thanks again for your part in this ministry.
Please, pray:
1.      all church leaders;
2.      For Sunday school. We have 40 children. Most of them are from nonbelievers families. Their parents started attended services.
3.      for seminars in Sate School, which is near our church. Each day we have hours for sharing pupils about preventing Aids, drug, alcohol, smoking, aborts. We are teaching for pupils of 5 till 12 grade. We wish to invite all them attend our church.
4.      for our rehabilitation centers. (for drug addicted men and women).
5.      for pastors families: Sasha and Lora Gavrelyuk and their daughters Karina and Diana; Oleg and Yulia Beshta and their son Seva and daughter Nastia.
Best regards,