Covington Baptist Association
Thursday, September 20, 2018

October 2010 Vadym Kotukha update

This is great blessing for us to have such partners as you are. This is our common ministry for Lord and His glory.
We thank you for your prayers about our ministry and for God using us for widening His kingdom in Berezno district, Rivne area. This summer period we have had children Christian camps in Novomokvyn village and in Bilka village. There were attended by near 30 children in each. After each camp we conducted special evening services. We invited kids and their parents. They were able to hear God’s Word. We opened Sunday schools in these villages. We have in plans to start soccer club (outreach ministry through sport) and Youth Christian club (it is like bridge from world to church).
Our prayer needs:
-       we wish to start small home bible study groups;
-       for dedicated people will be involved into ministry;
-       for new ideas and vision how to reach people in these villages.
Thank you very much and be richly blessed!
With love in Christ,
brother Vadym Kotukha,
Berezne district, Rivne area, Ukraine
Thank you Wendell and Shannon for all you doing for ministry in Rivne area!
Best regards,