Covington Baptist Association
Thursday, September 20, 2018

October 2010 Alexandr Dukanov update

Let grace and peace of our God-Father and Lord Jesus Christ be with you!

We thank God for all, who praying and care about our church ministry. God richly blessed our church. Six people became new church members, through baptizing. My daughter Katia was baptized too. I am happy about that. Over 150 people were present at outreach ministry on local riverbank. For many of then it was first time, when they were hearing God’s Word about salvation. 
We have had Christian camp for teenagers. There were 8 teenagers from out town Kuznetsovsk and rest from near villages. Now we have small home bible study group for teenagers. Near 20 persons attended such fellowships.
We started two small groups for addicted people. We wish to grow up dedicated disciples for Jesus.
Our needs:
-       we still ask God for dedicated leaders for Children, Youth and teenagers ministry;
-       for new people joined our church;
-       for church members: want to learn and grow spiritually.
We keep praying for your church.
Be richly blessed with all spiritual blessings from above.
With love in Christ,
Pastor Alexandr Dukanov,
Kuznetsovsk church