Covington Baptist Association
Thursday, September 20, 2018

October 2010 Sergiy Morohovskiy update

Baptist church “Transformation” in Zdolbuniv-2 town, Rivne area.
We send you warmest greetings in name of our Lord Jesus!
We wish to share blessings we meet this period and give all glory to our God and Father.
We have had day Christian camp in late August. Near 30 children were attended each day. Half of them were first time at Christian environment. Praise Lord! We have had opportunity meet tem and invite to Sunday school.
Our Sunday school will start from October. Please, pray for all children, but especially for kids from nonbeliever’s families.
During summer we have had sport ministry – we were playing Frisbee with nonbelievers. And from October will start Bible study home group for these people.
We have youth group and now it is group for spiritual growing. This is good, but we wish to start new group for outreach fellowships.
All families in our church are new believers. So we need to learn how to build relationships in marriage and how to grow up kids as Christians. We will start training about Bible principles for life.
Prayer needs:
-       we thank God for summer outreach events: youth festival and children camp;
-       please, pray for my personal spiritual growing;
-       let God give us direction in developing outreach ministry in our church for our town;
-       please, pray for all people who will attend our groups: youth, families, children, teenagers.
We thank God very much for your care and prayers. This is really necessary. Let God richly bless you and give you His wisdom and power for serving Him and people. 
With love in Christ,
Pastor Sergiy Morohovskiy,
Zdolbuniv-2, Rivne area, Ukraine