Covington Baptist Association
Friday, July 20, 2018

Keys to VBS Follow-Up

During VBS:

1.    Information cards on enrollees should be filled out completely (printed if possible).
2.    Provide pupils information about the church and its ministries to be carried home.
3.    Identify families who have no church home.
4.    Plan to do follow-up as a part of the overall VBS plan.
During the week of or immediately after VBS:
1.    In making follow-up visits, wear a name tag and have breath mints or gum available. The first impression is most important.
2.    If possible, have VBS workers make the first contact with families of children in their department the week of Vacation Bible School. If not all the children, certainly those who are prospects should be visited. The visit should be an at the door visit, as simple as, "Mrs. Jones, I am Mary White. Jennifer is in my 4-year department in Vacation Bible School. She loves to color and read books. Does she attend Bible study regularly? We have a Bible study class for her age group and for all the family on Sunday morning."   If attending a church say, "I'm glad she is in Bible Study" or if not, say, "We would like to invite all of you to Bible Study on Sunday. Thank you for letting her come to Vacation Bible School. Our family night program is________ night." If a teacher makes this kind of visit, Pastor, staff, or others can have a better next visit by starting the conversation, Mrs. White was Jennifer's teacher in VBS last week, and she told me of her visit with you..."
3.    Every child and worker should receive a note from the pastor following VBS. A post card or printed letter will do. The more personal the note is made, the better.
4.    Follow up visits must be made within 3 weeks of VBS if they are to be the best kind of visit.
5.    Visitation teams can help with follow-up visits. If you do not have a visitation team the Church Development Director of CBA can help you start a team or train a group of people to come for a training and then go out that night to follow-up VBS prospects.