Covington Baptist Association
Thursday, September 20, 2018

July 2010

 I thank God for people who praying for my family and church. Last week we have had children Christian camp “You in XXI century”. Nearly 50 children age 5 to 12 attended camp. There were Bible lessons, Christian songs, making crafts, and sport games. Last evening we invited parents to visit our church service. There were people who first time were listening Gospel.

At the end of the summer we plan to have camp for teenagers. Please, pray for this camp.
We keep praying for:
-       Sunday school in new academic year,
-       For new teenagers join to bible study small groups after camp,
-       For dedicated person who will begin ministry among nonbeliever youth,
-       For ministry among drug- and alcohol- addicted people, for Lord make them free and they begin serve Him,
-       For Bible study for church members in new academic year.
-       Pray for people who wish to be baptized this coming September.
We are ready to pray for your needs.
Let God richly bless you!
Best regards,