Covington Baptist Association
Thursday, September 20, 2018

July 2010

There are some changes in Vadym Kotukha life’ and ministry’ circumstances. He was forced to move to his mother. She is a nonbeliever and alone. She was complaining that Vadym leave her alone. Her health gets worse and she needs Vadym’ care and help. He was asking us what he needs to do and we advised him to move. His mother lives in Noviy Mokvyn village. New Baptist church was planted there few years before. And another one old and small Baptist church is in Bilka village not far away. So, Vadym now is helping to keep planting new church and revive old small church. He is still working hard for the Kingdom.
For this quarter we have conducted 4-days work camp in Bilka village. The team consisted of five members. We cleaned up a local graveyard and helped some people to clean their yards near houses. We have had fellowships with youth every evening. We keep meeting with youth and hope to organize small a Bible study group.
In Noviy Mokvyn village we are preparing to run a children camp: training team members, forming vision, inviting people, etc.
Please, pray for children who will be in camp. We wish to invite them to Sunday school and youth Christian club. And develop relationships with their parents.
Pray for these villages, for people and for our ministry.
Best regards,