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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Sasha Dukanov a Student at Kiev Theological Seminary


Sasha Dukanov

In 2008 we moved to Kuznetsovsk.
Our church “Transformation” has five main goals:
1.      Worshiping. 2. Brothers’ fellowship. 3. Share Gospel. 4. Discipleship. 5. Serving.
We have 59 members now, and each Sunday near 100 people are attended services. My main vision is to bring new people to church and raise them as Jesus’ disciples. One time per month I am preaching about one of goals.
We have small bible study groups. I am one of leaders of such group. I still study at Kiev Theological seminary.
We have Sunday school. Over 70 children attended Bible lessons.
We have a small group for teenagers. For 4 month attendance has grown to 18 teenagers. Praise the Lord.
We have a rehabilitation center for drug and alcohol-addicted. 7 people are going through rehabilitation now. Three of our brothers are serving at this center.
We have regular meetings (two times per month) with eight brother-leaders of our church. We have fellowship and study. I have personal consulting meetings with those brothers. I wish to bring up new dedicated leaders.
We have small groups for sisters. My wife Viktoriya is leading.
We are praying for:
-       increasing number of small home groups;
-       new groups for teenagers;
-       children in Sunday school and their parents;
-       sponsors for running summer camps for children and teenagers;
-       a strong leader, who will be able to work with youth;
-       projects, which will help center became self-financing, and have some support for ministers, who working there;
-       spiritual growing and baptizing for all who were repented.
-       my family and health.
We thank for all, who supporting us and praying for us.
Family Dukanov: Alexandr, Viktoria, Sasha and Katia.

Below are pictures of the Dukanov family and the church family.