Covington Baptist Association
Thursday, September 20, 2018

July 2010

Personal testimony
My name is Alexander. I was born on November, 21 in 1978 in Rivne town. My parents were Christians. From my early childhood parents were talking to me about God and His love. When I was 5 I started attended Sunday school and was hear much about repentance and God’s salvation.
At 7 I started attended School. As much as I remember my mom, she was always very ill. And when she was 30 in 1987 she died. I was only 8. I started seriously thinking about what is life, what is death. When I was 9, I realized that even young people dying. And started thinking about repentance. My father was working very hard and I was spending time with my friends and some of them were not very good. And I was not very good boy, but at home and on Sunday I was as Christian. 6 years of my life was full of darkness.
When I was 15 I graduate Sunday school and state school. And I started to attend youth fellowships. I have met people who were having something I have not having. They were Christians everywhere and I was Christian only at home and at school. And I decided to stop living as I was living.
On January, 2 in 1994 I decided accept Christ into my heart and became real Christian. Till that time I am always with God and love Him with all of my heart. I have wonderful wife Lora and two daughters: Diana and Karina.
Information about ministry
From 1994 I was a member of youth choir in First Baptist church.
In 1995 I started assist to lead small bible study group. In 1996 I became a leader in this group. It was good opportunity for me to improve my leader’ skills and became good Christian minister.
When in 1999 I was married, God call me to another ministry. I started a youth Christian club and became student of Kiev Teological seminary.
In 2001 I was assistant leader of evangelism department in Rivne Baptist churches union. I was involved in conducting mass evangelism events and was organizing fellowships in a Youth Christian club. It was a most blessed period of my life.
In 2003 I was elected as a deacon in First Rivne Baptist church.
In 2004 I became leader of the evangelism department in Rivne Baptist churches union.
The main ministry of our department is conducting different mass outreach events, organizing youth Christian clubs, training seminars about evangelism, work in Schools and institutes with prevent seminars about AIDS, Drugs, etc.
In 2009 I was called to plant a new church in Rivne town “Voskresinnia” (Resurrection). I am a pastor. We have the following ministries:
For children: Sunday school, camps;
For youth: fellowships, sport, seminars, and small groups;
Christian Social ministry: two rehabilitation centers for drug addicted men and women; 
ministry in prisons;
Prevention lectures about AIDS, etc. in state education establishments; Music ministry; Camp ministry.