Covington Baptist Association
Thursday, September 20, 2018

Church Planter Sasha Gavryljuk

We support church planter Sasha Gavryljuk.  According to IMB missionary Shannon Ford our support is vital and the work is going very well.  I (Wendell) met Sasha and saw him preach.  He is a leader in evangelism.

Church “Resurrection” is a daughter of church “Grace”, which is in Rivne town. It began from a small bible study home group. March 8, 2009 was first Sunday service. It is situated in large district of our town in north.  We are able to reach all social categories: children, teenagers, youth, and adults. Nearly 100 people attend services each Sunday. There are 36 members in the church. Summer of 2009 we had camp and after that our first baptism. There is a Sunday School in church. There are two rehabilitation centers for addicted people. They are very active in street evangelism. They are cleaning yards near buildings and when people ask them why they are doing this, they have the opportunity to share the Gospel. Some of them lead special seminars in schools about drugs, AIDS, etc. All church members are in Bible study and discipleship groups. Pastor Gavryljuk


Prayer request from Pastor Gavryljuk
- preparing and resources for summer camp;
- for people who live in the northern part of Rivne town;
- for church leaders: their health and families.
Below is a worship servcice at Resurrection Church and a picture of Pastor Gavryljuk's family.