Covington Baptist Association
Friday, July 20, 2018

Application Information


Covington Baptist Association Missions and Ministry Scholarship Program
Vision: Facilitating the fulfillment of the mission of Covington Baptist Association (encouraging and supporting member churches in individual and cooperative effort in Great Commission work) by aiding exposure to God's worldwide kingdom activity through missions involvement.
Desired Outcome: Every person would have the opportunity to participate in a missions project, developing a deep sense of personal commitment to the Great Commission that would result in a response to God's call of Kingdom living as leaders either in vocational ministry or as a layperson.
Purpose: The Missions and Ministry Assistance Scholarship Program of the Covington Baptist Association is a tool to facilitate kingdom work by processing requests received for aid utilizing available resources. It is not the intent of this ministry to compete with other assistance programs, but to enhance individual missions participation opportunities.
Funding: Income for distribution will be generated by:
1. Funds received from designated contributions.
2. Funds transferred from the general fund budget accounts of the association.
3. Funds received from other sources.
Priority for funding:
A. First time missions trips for
1. College students and high school graduating seniors
2. Pastors
3. Others
B. Other
Awards will be made based on:
-         Number of requests received
-         Amount of money available
-         Demonstrated need
A maximum of 50% of the cost may be awarded, subject to the amount of available funds, for first time mission trips. A maximum of 33% of the cost may be awarded, subject to the amount of available funds, for first time international mission trips if stateside trips have been taken.
Money awarded will be directed to the sponsoring organization on behalf of the participant.
In the event the project is cancelled, of the participants plans change, all awarded money is to be returned to the Covington Baptist Association Missions and Ministry Scholarship Fund within thirty days. The applicant will be responsible for any non-refundable deposits.
Awards will be made by the Board of Directors. Recommendations will come from a Scholarship Committee composed of:
     The Moderator of the Association
     The Treasurer of the Association
     The Missions Development Team Leader (Chairman)
     A representative elected by the Associational Woman's Missionary Union.
     One at large member nominated by the Committee on Committees and elected by the association.
     The Director of Missions Development will be an ex officio member.
Member of a Covington Baptist Association Church
Participation in a project sponsored or endorsed by the Covington Baptist Association, a member church, the Alabama Baptist State Convention, or a Southern Baptist entity.
Demonstrate Christian maturity level necessary to be an asset to the mission team.
Meet requirements established for the specific project
Meet participation requirements of cooperating agencies (International Missions Board, North American Missions Board, Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions)
Completion of assistance application.
Participate in an interview with the Scholarship Committee or its representative(s) if requested.
Submit a written report within fourteen days of return from the trip.
Be available to share about the experience in church and associational meetings.