Covington Baptist Association
Friday, July 20, 2018

Meeting Agenda

 Actual AGENDA from a Healthy Growing Church

Deacons' Meeting
Saturday, September 5, 2009
Opening Prayer
Minutes of Previous Meeting: August 15
Discussion of Chapter 3 – “How Does a Vibrant Church Make Decisions?” in Vibrant Church – Becoming a Healthy Church in the 21st Century by Thom S. Rainer & Daniel L. Akin.
            - Each “semester” the pastor chooses a book (or occasionally a book of the Bible) for the deacons to read and discuss during our meetings.  It usually is relevant to something happening in the life of our church at the time. Typically we cover one or two chapters each month.
Report on witnessing relationships with lost men
            - Each meeting we go around the room, man by man, reporting on our witnessing experiences over the last month. These include witnessing (verbally, sharing tracts, praying with food-servers, etc.) to both men and women, although our primary emphasis is to be building witnessing relationships with lost men.
Season of Prayer
            - Extended time of sharing prayer requests and then giving all who want to pray aloud an opportunity to do so.
Scripture Memory: Exodus 20:1-6
            - Sometimes we memorize 7 to 10 individual verses in a semester, all with a common theme. Sometimes we memorize an entire passage, such as the Ten Commandments passage in Exodus. We add a couple of verses each time we meet. In the meeting, we pair off and say the verses to each other.
Matter of Church Discipline
Sunday School, Worship, Membership, and Financial Reports
Host Homes for Preaching Class Reunion, September 24-25, 2009
Evening activities on Mother’s Day?
Seminary Update
Pastor’s Time
Miscellaneous Business