Covington Baptist Association
Friday, July 20, 2018

Proposed Interim Minister Covenant

(This Covenant is only a model. Please make it fit your unique situation)


__________________________ is called to serve as Interim Minister of the  __________________________ Baptist Church The purpose of this document is to specify the expectations and commitments of the Interim Minister and the congregation in undertaking mutual ministry during the period of transition and search for a new Pastor. We agree to work together in the pursuit of the overall goals and under the terms and conditions stated herein.
This agreement is predicated on the belief that during the interim period between pastors there is a need for leadership, for maintenance of a healthy congregational life and for the development of short-range goals. It is also understood that this period is a prime time for renewal and for re-energizing the congregation for all of its work. The agreement is based on the recognition that a congregation in search of a Pastor must prepare itself in order to be ready to choose and work with a new Pastor. This preparation includes the following:
 Understand the history of the church and previous pastor/church relationships;
 Discover the congregation's unique identity and what it dreams of being and doing notwithstanding the departure of the previous pastor;
 Dealing with shifts in leadership roles that inevitably occur in times of transition;
 Reflecting on the congregation's relationship with the denominational connections and the mutual responsibilities involved;
 Developing a commitment to the anticipated leadership of a new Pastor with the possibilities the future will bring.
The Interim Minister will endeavor to give spiritual guidance to the congregational life of the church.
He will be the primary leader of worship.
He will be conscientious in the administration of the ordinances of the church.
He will work with the leadership of the church in providing Christian education opportunities in the church.
He will act as administrator of the church and its properties.
He will encourage and provide leadership for the training of lay ministers.
He will be diligent in the pastoral visitation of the sick, and will offer counseling as time and opportunity will allow.
He will be responsible to give pastoral care during and after the death of a member.
He will provide premarital counseling and take responsibility for weddings during the interim or will assist the families concerned in facilitating such in the case another minister is wished to officiate.
He will perform the duties incumbent to the congregation's expectation and to his own understanding of this aspect of his call.
He helps with the building of "community" among the members.
He will not interfere with the work of the Pastor Search Committee and will recognize that assistance in their process can best be resourced by the appropriate associational and/or state convention consultants, unless specifically asked by the Search Committee.
He will not become a candidate for the position of Pastor.
The Interim Pastor will be supervised by _______________________________.
The church will see that the Interim Minister is properly supported; that his salary and other financial compensation are paid regularly. The congregation will support and cooperate with the Interim Minister in the pursuit of the goals of the church, giving sufficiently of their time and energy to accomplish such goals. It is understood that all ministries, excluding those ordinarily reserved for the ordained minister, are mutual ministries of the Interim Minister, and the people of the congregation.
The Interim Minister's working times will be Sundays and Wednesday evenings of each week unless a critical or special ministry need should arise. Sundays will include leadership of the morning worship services and such other ministries that may seem appropriate for his involvement, including opportunities for meetings and counseling if there is a need. Wednesday evenings will be times for discipleship training, Bible study, and appropriate meetings. He shall also be present in the office _____ day (s) a week. This will be announced in the bulletin and newsletter.
This agreement provides that ______________________________ Interim
Minister and ____________________ BAPTIST CHURCH shall covenant as agreed for
a period of time necessary for a careful and thorough search for a Senior Minister.
Date _____________________________
_________________________ Chair of the Interim Search Committee
_________________________ Interim Minister