Covington Baptist Association
Monday, July 16, 2018

Interim Pastoral Ministry

"Considering the options and the process"
1. Decide who the search committee will be for the interim.
What about the Constitution and Bylaws
What have other churches done
What will be simple yet cover all the bases
What approval is necessary
2. Decide what your needs are in the interim.
Is the church conflicted ... determine health of the congregation (see attached articles
Conflict and Congregations and Courage: A Quality of a Healthy Congregation)
Does the church body desire a short or long interim? Do not take the easy way out.
How did the former pastor leave ... Good-byes determine to a great deal how you will say hello to the next minister.
3. Decide between the basic choices for interim pastoral ministry:
Interim preacher, supply pastor or pastors preach from week to week without pastoral duties. Church staff and deacons assume the pastoral ministry and administrative responsibilities.
Interim pastor preaches all services and does pastoral ministry and administration as agreed upon. This may include a specific number of days in the office but usually not
a full schedule.
Interim Pastor and Consultant is a modified interim process designed to meet the specifics needs of a transitioning or conflicted congregation. Finding a Way Through
Conflict, The Spiritual Directions Process (see attached brochure) addresses the pain of conflict and how to move beyond those issues in healthy ways.
Transition Pastor serves much like the former pastor in that he is called to do administration, pastoral care, preaching and other specific tasks during the interim.
The Intentional Interim Minister is usually contracted for about the same salary and benefits as the former pastor and for a period of at least one-year.
The Church officially votes to engage in a thorough self-study.
The Transitional Pastor normally leads a Transition Team and the congregation in a self-study process around five developmental or transitional tasks:
1. Coming to terms with history
2. Examining leadership and decision-making concerns
3. Rethinking denominational relationships
4. Clarifying the congregation’s identity
5. A commitment to new pastoral leadership and the future
4. Gather resumes and begin the search as soon as it is appropriate
Names may be secured from the Director of Missions of local associations and from the state conventions.
5. Agree on a contract or covenant with the interim minister.
Inform the church as to the terms. Terms for the interim pastor will be somewhat different from the pastor. Decide what works best for your situation and the interim.
Be clear as to expectations--spell them out
Be clear as to who the supervisor of the interim will be.
It is suggested that the interim not be considered for the pastorate unless the church agrees otherwise prior to calling the interim.
Note: It is also recommended that the church consider making a basic agreement with the interim that he will not use his trust relationship with the congregation to present resumes of potential pastors or influence the committee unless invited to meet with the search committee for counsel.