Covington Baptist Association
Thursday, September 20, 2018

Christian Service Centers

The Covington Baptist Association operates three Christian Service Centers. These centers are staffed by volunteers. The services provided include low cost clothing, shoes, households items and furniture.

Churches, individuals and some companies donate the items that are available for sale.
Food distribution is provided in each center for those who meet the eligibility requirements. A person can receive food once a month. Referrals are accepted from any church or agency for those who have had hardships due to health or difficult circumstances. A person can only present a referral every 90 days or 3 months.
The proceeds from the daily sales support the food distribution ministry, disaster relief response and professional counseling available at the Covington Baptist Association office.
Three essentials allow us to carry out this vital ministry.   1. Volunteers  2. Donations  3.  Shoppers
We always need more volunteers and food donations.  But every donation and shopper is apprecated.